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Nathan Anker | CEO

A local boy


Nathan has eight years of business and brand development experience in automotive.

Consequently, he wanted to quit the stress of the corporate grind and set down roots in the Peterborough community. Nathan’s an avid hobbyist and adventure seeker with probably too many projects, ranging from car restoration to home renovation and everything in between.

Nathan’s favourite Haven brew is the All Natural Belgian Blonde Ale.

Andrew Anker | Brewmaster

Another local boy


Andrew was part of the first year at Niagara College’s Brewing Program.

Markedly, he has thirteen years’ experience in brewing and logistics; working as a brewery start-up consultant for four years, he opened more than ten breweries across Canada.

Surely, it was about time he started a brewery of his own.

Andrew can be found most weekends sipping a beer, playing board games and chilling with his girlfriend and two good doggos.

Andrew enjoys the crispness of our easy drinking Pilsner.

Cameron Dobson | Cellerman

Born in Toronto, grew up in Oshawa & Peterborough


Cameron has been theatrically trained from a young age.

He has ten years woodshop experience, and ten years in the brewery industry. Accordingly, Cameron really enjoys the challenges that come with creating beer and maintaining a consistent flavour.

At the end of the day, Cameron likes to sit down with a nice cold Schwarzbier.

A Haven in Beer, Your Personal Haven, A Haven for All.


Our Beer is a Haven in the craft beer industry. Lest, we brew traditional European beers in the traditional European way with bottle conditioning and all. Moreover, these recipes are based on styles that have existed for hundreds of years. And there’s a reason they have stuck around so long. They’re good! With these beers, you get what you expect. Particularly, delicious tasting beer, no surprises. Surely, they are a Haven in the industry full of people trying weird new things that you might not enjoy, but find out too late. Basically, who wants to spend $5 on a beer to not enjoy drinking it?


Similarly, everyone has their own personal Haven. In a few words, that blissful place you like to go after a long day or week at work. Whether it be hanging out on the deck with a few good friends, working on that project in the garage, heading up to the cottage or taking on some new adventure. Regardless, that beautiful comfortable place and time pairs best with a great beer. Altogether, let us help you find your Haven and make that peaceful experience just a little better. 

for all

Accordingly, the third part – and a big one at that – is the community here in Peterborough. We at Haven Brewing Company are all about supporting the community and being a contributing part of it. Certainly there is a sense of oneness here, with people focusing on supporting local and also being very green-minded, keeping the environment healthy with all it has to give. Evidently Haven pairs perfectly with this as a co-branding opportunity. For many, their haven is the business or work they put their life efforts into. We just want to support that as we build a community together. Find Your Haven at…

Some of our Awards and Recognition


Picture of dog Paladin looking up at the camera from his bed.
The goodest doggo’s of the Haven Team


Closeup of Paxton the dog


Photo of dog, Jäger looking up at the camera surrounded by other dogs.
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