Ahoy, Haven Brew Enthusiasts!

As the holiday season draws near, we’re excited to share how we’ve got you covered for all your at-home draft needs. At Haven Brewing Co., we’re more than a brewery; we’re your partners in creating a personalized and unforgettable beer experience right in the comfort of your home.

Setting Up Your At-Home Draft:

Embarking on the journey of at-home drafts is a thrilling adventure, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re considering a kegerator or contemplating building your own draft system, our team is ready to offer expert advice and consultations. We’re passionate about ensuring that your at-home draft experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Benefits of At-Home Kegs:

Let’s talk about the perks of having a Haven keg at your disposal:

Lower Price Per Pint: Enjoy your favorite brew at a fraction of the cost per pint compared to individual cans or bottles.

No Empty Worries: Forget the hassle of collecting and returning empty containers – with a keg, the only thing left behind are memories.

Adjust to Your Liking: Tired of one-size-fits-all? With at-home kegs, you have the freedom to adjust carbonation levels and beer temperature, tailoring your pour to perfection.

Explore Our Keg Offerings:

Now, let’s dive into our keg offerings! From the ever-popular 20 and 30-liter kegs to the grandeur of a 50-liter keg, we’re here to fulfill your beer dreams. Each keg promises a unique journey, with most of our stellar beers available on tap. Embrace the versatility, create lasting memories, and impress your guests with a personalized tap experience at home.

CO2 5-Pound Tank Swap Program:

Worried about CO2 certifications? Fret not! Our CO2 5-Pound Tank Swap Program is the answer. Bring in your 5-pound tank, join the program for a small fee, and enjoy the convenience of swapping your empty tank for a full one whenever needed. Our liquid-filled, food-grade CO2 ensures a longer-lasting, top-quality product for your beer.

Ready to elevate your at-home beer experience? Contact us today at info@havenbrewing.ca, and let’s embark on this brewing journey together!

Cheers to crafting memorable moments with Haven at home! 🍻