Name This Beer Contest

Calling all beer enthusiasts! Help us name our new lite lager with a nautical theme! 

Submit your best name idea or label design (5 words or less) for a chance to win an exclusive Haven Brewing prize package! 

Please ensure your entries are not offensive, vulgar, or trademarked.

Open to legal drinking age participants only. By submitting your name ideas, you agree to transfer ownership to Haven Brewing.

Our winning name will capture the spirit of the sea and Haven Brewing. The judging criteria include creativity, relevance, memorability, and overall appeal.

The final decision will be a combination of public voting and internal review, as we want a name that truly reflects our brand.

The lucky winner will receive an exclusive Haven Brewing prize package, including [Specify Prize Details].

We will announce the winner on [Announcement Date]. Stay tuned for the exciting reveal and see your suggested name grace the label of our new lite lager!

Thank you for being a part of the Haven Brewing community and helping us find the perfect name for our nautical-inspired brew! Cheers to smooth sailing and great beer! 

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