Build Your Own 24

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Not everyone likes every kind of beer. Whether you prefer the sours or lean towards the wheat beers, now’s your chance to curate a monthly box that fits your tastes.

Each box contains four 6-packs, the selection of which is entirely in your control.

You pick, we deliver. It’s like Christmas once a month.

  • 6-Pack of Kellerbier - Cans

  • 6-Pack of Kellerbier - Bottles

  • 6-Pack of Schwarzbier - Cans

    Out of stock

  • 6-Pack of Amber - Bottles

  • 6-Pack of Hefeweizen - Bottles

  • 6-Pack of Hefeweizen - Can

  • 6-Pack of Dunkelweizen - Bottles

    Out of stock

  • 6-Pack of BPA - Cans