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Discover a variety of the finest German, Belgian, and Czech small-batch beers.

3.9% ABV

Haven lite – all natural light lager


A light lager with flavour. Easy drinking and goes down smooth.

5.2% ABV

Kellerbier – all natural Pale Lager


Our “Cellar Beer” is an unfiltered pale lager with light malt flavour and noble hop character. Get it here in a 473mL can

Pilsner 473mL Can

5% ABV

Czech Pilsner – all natural bohemian Lager


A traditional Czech style pale lager. This Pilsner has a light golden colour and crisp easy-drinking flavour that finishes fairly dry.    

BPA 473mL

4.5% ABV

BPA – all natural Belgian Pale ale


Copper-coloured, moderately malty with a crisp and refreshing finish.

Amber 500mL

5.5% ABV

Amber – All Natural märzen Lager


An Amber Lager with a rich, German malt aroma a flavour. Based on a traditional Oktoberfest Märzen.

Dunkel 500mL

5.2% ABV

Dunkelweizen – All Natural Dark Wheat Ale


A dark refreshing wheat-based ale. Malty, spicy and fruity. Naturally cloudy.

Blonde 500mL

7% ABV

Blonde – All Natural Belgian Blonde ale


A spiced, “Abbey Style” Belgian Blonde Ale. Three different grains and additional spices used. A sophisticated brew. 

Hefeweizen 473mL Can

5.2% ABV

Hefeweizen – All Natural Wheat Ale


A rich, bubbly thirst quencher. Aromas of bread, fruit, and a tiny bit of spice. Naturally cloudy.

5.2% ABV

Schwarzbier – all natural Black Lager


A black lager with a lot of flavour from roasted German malts. 


Limited Series

5.2% ABV

Lazarus Sour – Flemish Dark Ale


When brewing this Flemish style dark ale we weren’t sure how it would turn out. Alas, it arose from the dead like Lazarus himself and the result is a darkly fruity, tart and dry ale.

5.5% ABV

Suit Up – New England IPA


Juicy and easy drinking, this citrus forward New England IPA goes down smooth and is the perfect pairing for any classy event.

High Road Brewing Co.

Because we didn’t have enough names already!

7.1% ABV

Bronan – vermont style ipa


It pours a hazy gold, with tree fruit and citrus aromas, and sweet malty flavour to offset a hops-forward profile. 

More permanent than beer. Just as fun.

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