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Kegs and CO2 Newsletter

Ahoy, Haven Brew Enthusiasts! As the holiday season draws near, we're excited to share how we've got you covered for all your at-home draft needs. At Haven Brewing Co., we're more than a brewery; we're your partners in creating a personalized and unforgettable beer...

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Our Green Commitment

Our Green Commitment Earth is humankind's haven, and at Haven Brewing Co., we are committed to keeping it that way. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond just brewing great beer – it's about safeguarding our planet for future generations. We understand that...

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Holiday Letter to our Customers

Ahoy, Beloved Havenites! As the holiday lights illuminate our surroundings and the festive spirit dances through the air, we find ourselves reflecting on the incredible community that is the heartbeat of Haven Brewing Co. This letter is a heartfelt thank you, a warm...

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Haven Introduction

Welcome to Haven Brewing Company! It's been almost three years since we opened our doors, but with the challenges of COVID-19 and other limitations, we haven't had the chance to share our story as fully as we would have liked. So, let us introduce ourselves. We are a...

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